This page gives you an overview which licenses you can purchase and which one might be to most suitable for you.


One Time Use

You purchase the right to use a picture in one project of yours. You also can buy this license for getting the highest available resolution of a picture for private purposes like a nice poster for your home.

One Time Use – Non Commercial
If you need the image for one project of yours, but do not intend to make money with this project.

One Time Use – Commercial
If you need the image for one project of yours and intend to make money with this project.



Non-Exclusive License

If you want to use a picture in several projects of yours and if you want to have free rights to further sell the picture, this is the right license for you.

What is the difference between a Non-Exclusive License and an Exclusive License? If you buy a Non-Exclusive License others may buy a license for this picture as well, so the picture you bought might not be uniquely used in your project.



Exclusive License

An Exclusive License is similar to a Non-Exclusive one. The difference: You and only you may use the picture in whatever way you might want to use it. No one else may purchase it any further: it will be removed from the store.

This license is only available if no one purchased it so far. A truly unique purchase- this is also the reason why it is the most expensive of all licenses here.



Special Commission License

This license can be only bought when ordering a commission. You may not sell your commission any further or make any profit from it. I am not allowed to sell your commission further either.