Not available for commissions at the moment!



Do you look for something special? Something not yet available in the shop, but somewhat similar?

It is possible to send me a commission request! I might not always approve all commission requests, be it because I do not have the time to fulfill the task in the time given (if you set a deadline) or maybe because I do not think I can draw what you request.

But don’t hesitate to ask; it costs nothing.


The prices of a commission depend on what you want and how detailed you want to have it. It also depends what license you want to have.


Here is a raw price table, prices may always change due to complexity and/or a deadline:


Have a question to a special License type? Have a look at the License Page.

Non-Exclusive License Exclusive License Special Commission License
Sketch 500 $ 1000 $ 20 $
Mildly detailed picture 5000 $ 20’000 $ 150 $
Heavily detailed picture 8000 $ 50’000 $ 500 $


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